About Sonny

Sonny first got into magic at just eleven years old after visiting Hamley's Toy Store in London. This encouraged him to put together a short act to perform for the community at his local village hall. From then on, Sonny's passion for magic grew, as did his audience, leading him to headline and support at a variety of events and affairs - even contributing to raising hundreds for West Midlands Air Ambulance and other charities.
Since leaving Hamley's that day, at just eleven years old, Sonny has always been dedicated to his talent and realised there is a future in magic. Little did Sonny know, he would end up taking his award winning talent all over the world and performing in a wide variety of destinations.

Awards and Achievements

1st Place in Shropshire Magical Society's Close Up Magician of the Year
International Performances

From Winter 2013 to Spring 2014,  Sonny travelled to Thailand, Australia, all over Europe and the around the UK performing magic to locals and tourists.

Member of The Magic Circle
 2nd Place in The Magic Circle's Young Magician of the Year
The Young Magicians ClubPerformance of the Month
Las Vegas

Sonny travelled to Las Vegas with other young magicians to take part in a selection of work shops and to see world famous show's and performances. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Sonny and resulted in a wider perspective into the world of magic and the beginning of a journey.

3rd Place in The Magic Circle'sYoung Magician of the Year
1st Place in Shropshire Magical Society's U18's Junior Close Up Magician of the Year
Member of The Shropshire Magical Society
Member of The Young Magicians Club

Keen to improve his magic skills and meet other magicians from around the country, Sonny joined The Young Magicians Club. This allowed him to attend workshops, performances and events based at                                The Magic Circle Headquarters in London.